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What is special transportation?


Special transportation, as the name implies, is something different than other regular transport ways and therefore requires a different implementation and organization of it.

Under special transportation we can consider transport of vessels, large pieces of buildings, machinery, bridges, etc.., so all cargo that goes beyond normal dimensions.


In carrying out special transport it is necessary to regulate all documentation in accordance with the law and accurately organize the whole road of the transport.

For safe transport route, you do not have to deal with permits and be familiar with the law in this area, as everything is regulated by us.


Did you know...

Each special transport and escort for special transport must comply with the rules on the form, terms and how to use special lights of vehicles for special services. It recalls all vehicles currently on the road to a "dangerous" meeting, and sometimes they must also stop in case the road is closed ... This ensures road safety.

Our vehicles which will follow you on the road are adequately equipped with all the necessary signaling and signs for a safe journey, in accordance with the law, and as defined by the rules!

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