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​Chose the best route to your final destination! 

Maksi Trans IP d.o.o. is a company whose base business is the management of documentation for the transportation and organization of special transports and exceptional escort services in Slovenia.

Any special transportation is an obstacle and hazard on the road. Often represents a real challenge in organizing and selecting appropriate paths for the transport. Because of bridges, subways, tunnels, narrow roads and various terrains it is necessary to pay extra care to organize it, and if necessary, to intervene in infrastructure too.

A lot of knowledge and experience is needed together with good means of transport while each mistake can be fatal.

Based on many years of experience and knowledge we can help with the organization and arranging of relevant documentation according to regulations for special transport, or we can also arrange transport means for transport of freight, storage and also cargo handling.

Many companies, smaller and bigger ones have trusted us already in the past with transportation of their cargo. We are proud to say that we are partners with companies from Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro...

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